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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Technofab Engineering Company Quality control policy is to deliver products and services confirming to Quality plans and contract requirements. In order to meet this objective a quality control plan has been developed by the company expertise in accordance with International and local quality standards. The quality plan outlines the organizational policies, which are established to ensure that all industrial services and construction activities are carried out under controlled conditions. Industrial services shall be in accordance with the specifications, and related International industrial standards. This quality assurance standard establishes the basis for the quality assurance plans implemented within Technofab Engineering Company. It states the requirements, assigns the responsibilities and prescribes the principles governing activities that are the key to quality. Authority and organizational freedom has given to personnel performing the QA/QC functions. All company personnel shall adhere to the contents of this QA/QC program and no deviations from the methods set forth herein shall be permitted.

Standard Procedure For Fabrication And Erection


The work consists of furnishing, fabricating, and erecting metalwork, including the metal parts and fasteners of the composite structures. The work shall also consist of cleaning metal surfaces and applying paints and protective coatings. All the works carried out will be as per the projects specifications.


Structural Steel Sections, Hot rolled sections, bolts, welding electrodes, galvanizing; painting shall conform to the requirements of the applicable Project Specifications.



  • Fabrication of structural steel shall conform to the requirements of Specification for the Design, Fabrication and Erection of Structural Steel for Buildings (Riveted, Bolted and Arc-Welded Construction), American Institute of Steel Construction.
  • Steel welding and consumables shall conform to the requirements of American Welding Society Specification AWS A5.1, "Specification for Mild Steel Covered Arc Welding Electrodes," except that they shall be uniformly and heavily coated (not washed) and shall be of such a nature that the coating does not chip or peel while being used with the maximum amperage specified by the manufacturer.



  • For the purpose of this paints and coatings shall be complied as per project requirements and specifications.
  • Materials for systems requiring two or more coats shall be supplied by the same manufacturer.

Installation & Erection


  • When necessary to amplify the information given in this erection method statement, the TFE shall prepare Erection drawings.
  • Details and arrangements to temporary steel work necessary for erection purposes shall show in the erection drawings. Items specified to be galvanized shall be completely fabricated for field assembly before the application of the zinc coatings.
  • Galvanized items shall not be cut, welded, or drilled after the zinc coating is applied.
  • Items specified to be painted shall be painted in conformance to the requirements of Construction Specification 82 for the specified paint systems.