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Safety Policy

This health and safety plan will be applied in all electrical and mechanical contracts and specially where the health and safety plan is a client requirement of, in the view of Senior Management/ or the Project Manager, a lack of health and Safety plan would be detrimental to Safety on the Project Site.
The company’s safety procedures are planned to contribute to the design and construction of the project facilities on time, within budget and to quality standards, The plan will provide for the adequate number of competent persons who shall ensure compliance with the company’s safety procedures for the operational plant, and also to provide for the safety orientation and training of all personnel prior to commencement of work on the job sites.
This plan will specify the necessary supervision to Sub-Contracts in compliance with the contract regulations including all administration and approvals for obtaining safety works permits for inside existing installation thereby supporting existing safe working procedures.
This plan will provide procedures applicable to existing facilities and control of all things to existing facility recognizing all codes and mandatory regulation imposed by the Qatar.

  • Establish an efficient and disciplined controlling organization, which shall be responsible and accountable for the implementation of the safety plan.
  • Implement project safety programs to reduce loss in the form of personnel injuries, equipment and property damage.
  •  Secure uniformity and consistency through out the project in the application of all safety programs and procedures.
  • Implement recommendations, where appropriate, in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of safety procedure.
  • Provide the basis upon which each sub-contractor shall develop its won safety plan including the formulation of Safety procedures and regulations in accordance with project strategy.
  • Provide the guide lines for safety training, work hazard analysis and accident prevention programs for all project personnel.
  •  Establish and maintain an effective emergency procedure that shall compliment an existing client required emergency plan.
  •  Assure the provision of adequate fire, safety and medical equipment.
  •  Provide for ongoing safety audits and inspections and formulate an efficient reporting system encompassing both client and project requirements.

The company will manage and monitor the effectiveness for the safety plan and procedures according to the contract agreement.
The company is responsible to set up, implement, monitor, upgrading as necessary and administer a consistent project safety plan encompassing all the safety procedures required for securing safe work environments and safe work environments and safe work practices for the project activates at all work locations and project services areas.
The sub-contracts shall adhere to all regulations, directives, policies procedures and all relevant legislation at both project and governmental levels.



Safety Policy

The Company And Sub-Contractor Line Management

The company and sub-contractor supervisors are responsible for dedicated implementation of the health and safety plan and the related health and safety procedures for all work locations under their control support the overall business objectives of TECHNOFAB ENGINEERING CO. and adhere to all safety working procedures and safety work practices. They are responsible for close monitoring and prompt reporting according to the loss control program within the areas under the supervision.

The Company Field Safety Officer

The company field safety Officer shall report to the Site Company Project Manager and be responsible for developing, implementing and administering all environmental protection instructions and procedures and programs relating to safety, healthy, loss prevention, training, fire protection security.

He shall be responsible for implementing, upgrading and administering the project safety plan.

He shall provide senior level safety supervision on Sites, provided interpretation of safety regulations, codes of practice and direct expertise on all complex and critical work.

The company field safety Officer shall maintain an effective working relationship with field supervisors, sub-contractors, and local emergency services, acting as a liaison between company personnel and all health and safety related maters.

He will investigate all accidents and serious incidents in accordance with jobsite instructions, determine cause and formulate corrective action.

He will supervise the project’s medical services, industrial hygiene and security services.


Daily Safety toolbox Meeting
These meetings shall be conducted by the sub-contractor foremen or supervisors at all the project worksites and attended by all manual field personnel with the subject safety matters applicable for day work. Meetings will be held daily or al deemed appropriate by the supervisor.

Weekly Safety Toolbox Meting
These meeting shall be attended by every employee at his place of work (Subject to contract requirements). These short meetings will be given by the sub-contractor safety stall and should include typical/or problem themes related to safe working practices.

Progress of Meetings
Safety, health, loss prevention and environmental protection will be subjects on the agenda at all progress meetings as well as meeting with the client. All Management groups will participate in a proactive safety plan, demonstrating by their action that safety is an important priority equal to all other project parameters such as cost, quality and planning.

Safety Meetings
Supervisors Safety Meeting: -
These meeting will be scheduled monthly or as deemed appropriated by the Project Manager and / or the client representative. The project Manager or his nominee will conduct the meeting. Topics discussed during this meeting will be health and safety issues.

Safety Orientation
When hiring personnel, the company and the subcontractors must ensure that all hired personnel have the basic technical and safety awareness as well as necessary skills to perform their assigned jobs property and safety.

Co-ordination meetings.
These meetings typically deal with the planning of the next period of activity which may involve movement of materials or other activities that require safety co-ordination between the various entities on site and / or any other agencies concerned with the particular operation. These meetings are held as deemed appropriate by the Project Manager or client Representative.

Sub-Contractor Safety Plan
Sub-contractors method statements shall be in writing with particular details of informative health and safety programs, which shall also provide for high-risk activities. Sub-Contractors must also develop procedures in accordance with the project heath and safety plan.
The sub contract health and safety plan must address (white not being limited to) the following:

  • Erection of structure including temporary works. Work within restricted or hazardous areas.
  • Work Overhead – Each sub-Contractor must take the appropriate steps to eliminate the potential hazards introduced by draftsman working overhead.
  • Developing a proper scaffolding procedure including scaffolding tagging, adequate inspections, pre-planning and advice.
  • Ensuring that the Qatar authority regulations regarding competency and licensing of vehicle and equipment operators as adhered to and procedures made available.
  • Sub contractors will develop and implement work rules for their employees in compliance with the company’s existing policies and the local low.

Education and training
New Program-subcontractors shall provide orientation for all new hires, which will include, as a minimum, the topics listed below, such orientation shall be given prior to any work activities on site. Each sub contractor shall familiarize each of their employees with the requirements of the safety plan; all orientations shall be documented with the company being provided with copies of attendance records on monthly basis.
Topics to be included in the New Hire Program include but are not limited to the following: -

  • Procedure for correcting unsafe conditions or practices.
  • Personal safety
  • Good housekeeping practices
  • Accident reporting
  • Material handling
  • Emergency Procedures

Each Sub-contractor shall require that all of their supervisors familiarize themselves with the construction procedures developed on the project. They must provide the leadership and control required to cope with serious incidents where injuries, fire explosion, or similar situations demand decisive action.

Investigation/reporting records.
Through investigations in to accidents/incidents must take place immediately following occurrence, The Company will prepare standard accident reporting formats.

Each sun-contractor shall implement a system for submitting reports of all accidents to the company within twenty four hours of occurrence; Accident reports shall identify persons (and/or property) involved and a description of the injuries/damage, the probable cause and suggested follow-up action to prevent reoccurrence. Photographs and / or sketches of the incident site should be made available where possible and where applicable. Each sub-contractor shall submit a weekly safety performance summary and monthly summary of hours worked. Occupational injuries/illnesses and lost time incurred, in format designated by the company. Reporting Accidents/Incidents.

Should an accident or serious incident occur the reporting and notification procedure for the project shall be followed, in the case of serious incident, immediate notification is to be made as follows.

  • By the company field safety officer to the company project manager.
  • By the company field safety officer to the company’s general manager.
  • By the company’s Project manager to the Governmental Authorities according to the relevant QATAR legislation.
  • Monthly safety performance Measurement Report.

This report shall be completed by the company’s safety Office as soon as possible at the end of the calendar month for the attention of the company’s General Manager. A copy will be sent to the client.

The company safety officer shall improve and update safety procedure as necessary and implement them if the need should arise. He shall monitor the safety performance of all sub-contractors working on the project. Corrective action must be taken by any sub-contractors not working in compliance what the safety plan, Failure to comply with the requirement of this procedure may result in contract sanctions up to the including “termination of course” of default, The company and sub contractors designated safety representatives shall participate in regular safety inspection tours. During such tours the safety representatives shall identify the record safety violations and list such items for immediate corrective action by area super intenders of the responsible sub contractors. Systematic safety should also make by cranes, vehicles, mechanical and electrical equipment, all sub contracts shall provide the company with copies of the safety inspection and of the corrective action reports. The company and sub contractors shall report any site regulatory activity immediately and the client should be noticed before any such site inspection tours begin.

Notice of Non-Compliance to Safety Standards
The company monitors the safety performance of the sub contractors working under this direction, When violation of statutory safety regulations, Job site safety instructions or expressed safety directive of the project Safety Department are observed, the sub contractors is informed by orally and then given a Notice of non compliance with safety standards” from. This is prepared by the company’s Safety Officer for signature by the company Site Project manager. This letter will contain exact location(s) and a brief description of violations, the sub contractors is given a reasonable amount of time to evaluate and correct the conditions contained in the non-compliance notice. The time period given shall reflect the risk inherent in the violation.

If the sub contractor fails to correct the conditions described in the non compliance notice with in the time given, as second notice is issued by the company safety officer. If no action is taken by the sub contractor in the time set in the fort on the second notice, a meeting shall be scheduled with the sub contractor’s senior representative or Contractor Site Manager. The meeting shall produce a documented agreement of the sub contractor’s intended action and timing to correct the non-compliance. If after the meeting described in the previous paragraph, the agreed or necessary corrective action has not occurred as agreed. The company may perform the necessary corrective action by unilaterally back charging the sub-contractor accordingly.

Removal of Personnel and other sanctions
Should corrective action of unsafe conditions not occur as requested, the company Site Project Manager will notify the sub contractors home office, (with a copy to the filed office) by registered mail, return receipt requested of company’s intention to the direct the removal of the responsible sub contractor personnel (up to and including the resident Construction Manager, if necessary) If the violation is not corrected within the period specified in the letter.

If such corrective action doe not occur with in the stated period the company site Project will, as necessary, remove the responsible sub contractor personnel from the Project site. The sub contractor senior management at the home office should be directed to correct the unsafe condition(s).

Sub Contract Analysis Report
In the event that a sub contractor is particularly uncooperative in resolving safety issues, the company Safety officer prepares an objective report documenting the problems so that a record will be available for future reference. Copies of this report are distributed to the appropriate contract Administrator, the company Site Project Manager and company regionally office personnel as appropriate.

Monthly Meeting
Monthly Management Meeting shall be held at the start of each month (or as deemed appropriate by the company Project Manager and or client representative). Information on safety related topics shall be collected from all departments and there will be the basis for forming the meeting agenda. All serious accidents / incidents and accident trends shall be reviewed and appropriate preventive recommendations and actions initiated. The Safety Management Committee shall consist of senior management personnel and shall be responsible for the formulation of the Project Safety Policy.

Safety Performance
Safety Performance Measurement on the project shall be measured as follows: -
If the contract stipulates the safe working conditions must be quantified loss control must be quantified, control sheets will be used. Losses due to injury will be measured by statistical monthly reporting.

Accidents and Incident Reporting
All accidents and incidents shall be reported to the Safety Department and Investigated in accordance with the level or degree of injury and / or damage to equipment or property. The Safety Officer shall inform and update the Site Project Manager and the company General Manager of all information and occurrence relative to all serious incidents.

If required by contract, the safety Officer will submit a monthly safety report to company management giving details of all lost wok day cases (LWDC), lost time days, occupational fatalities and the subsequent lost work day case rate statistic. The monthly report will include the Occupational disease cases and cost estimate of materials and equipment losses due to and give a summary to the main causes of the accidents during the month and corrective actions to be instigated during the next month.

The Safety employees of the company and sub contractors will spend most of their day work time on tours to the work locations to monitor safety performance and to take immediate corrective action for sub standard site safety conditions and standard acts of personnel, The company and sub contractor safety organization will arrange their work schedules to maintain continuous safe monitoring of all project locations at all times.

All lost workdays caused by injuries shall be investigated by safety and subcontractor line management and reported to the company. Each report must include the measures taken to prevent recurrence of similar injuries at the project work sites. Potentially serious incidents shall also be reported in this manner.